Automotive Cables & Wiring Supplies

The products you need, when and where you need them. Rapid Cables offers a comprehensive range of automotive wire and electrical supplies, helping auto electricians, mechanics and home enthusiasts get the parts they need to complete any repair or replacement.

One of the country’s leading automotive cable suppliers, Rapid Cables proudly offers a huge inventory of products at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a few bits and pieces to complete a DIY restoration or are a business-owner looking for large, regular shipments of components, you’ll be able to save big. Take a look at our catalogue today and discover the perfect piece for your next project.

Quality and reliability

Whatever the nature of your problem, we have a solution. Our cabling is available in a range of sizes, from ultra-thin 0.5 mm up to 3mm, 4mm and 5mm general purpose auto cables, so whatever the situation calls for, you can find it in our range.

We make it easy to find the product you’re after in the quantities your project needs. Whether you’re just looking for 10 metres to keep in the garage for those occasional repairs, or you’re a garage-owner who needs kilometres of cabling at a time, we can assist you. Available in a wide range of colour combinations, it’s simple to keep your workshop organised, colour-coding by size or composition for faster, more efficient work. Do the right thing and get your project off to a great start by sourcing your supplies from Rapid Cables.

Make the smarter choice

When it comes to wiring, there’s no better choice. Based in Brisbane, Rapid Cables provides a comprehensive range of cabling, tools and auto electrical supplies to hobbyists and professionals across Australia and around the globe. Our fast and affordable shipping solutions put your products in your hand sooner, not later, so you can get started on your work ASAP.

Place your order today with Rapid Cables or get in touch with our knowledgeable, friendly team members on +61 7 3881 1566 or via email at