Marine Battery Cables and Wiring

Rapid Cables offers an extensive range of marine battery cables and wiring at great prices, suitable for marine or geothermal active areas. These tinned copper cables are far more resistant to corrosion compared to standard copper cables, which is why they are so important in moist environments. We have in stock a range of battery cables, trailer cables and low voltage cables suitable for a variety of functions, whether for industry use or new enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement wire cable for your electronics or wish to stock up on a large supply for any number of projects you have going, Rapid Cables can deliver you the right products in whatever quantity is necessary.

Trust in the experienced suppliers

In marine industries, standards of efficiency and quality are constantly increasing when it comes to wiring and cables, with flexibility and a light weight model necessary for certain ships. With this incredibly high standard of quality necessary in the industry, Rapid Cables has constantly maintained choosing the best brands and products available, ensuring you get value for your money. Rest easy knowing you are purchasing products from the industry’s most innovative brands and order with Rapid Cables today.

Our team of experts carefully select a wide range of products to suit a variety of industries. All our auto electrical supplies and accessories have been thoroughly researched to ensure you are getting the best value for money, from electrical safety tape right through to twin automotive cables. Our high standards, commitment to quality and exceptional customer service is what has deemed us one of Australia’s best in electrical supplies.

Professional customer service, trusted products

Whatever your problem or query, Rapid Cables is always happy to help. With a wealth of knowledge in a variety of industries, we are easily able to help you choose the right products for your needs. Browse our current options for marine cables and wiring and enjoy competitive prices on our stock. We are quality management system certified and have an enthusiastic team of staff backing us up. Browse our range today to find out more.