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Find the best deals on colour coded electrical tape, providing protection and insulation on vital cables for all kinds of properties and devices. Whether your warehouse has a complex wiring system that needs to be cleaned up or you are looking to clear up cables for your personal project, Rapid Cables can provide you with certified and approved products for the job.

Our electrical tape is sturdy, tough and requires minimal replacement, leading to more savings and better protection on your vital electronic parts. As a professional and passionate team, we’ve selected the best brands for the job, specialising in all your vital auto electrics and accessories. 

An internationally recognised supplier

Electrical tape is essential for securing and protecting electronic parts that may be exposed. Tape can provide insulation, moisture sealing and harnessing, but is also beneficial for colour coding. This can prevent any unnecessary accidents or incidents that can be a result of unprotected, unmarked cables throughout your warehouse, office or home.

At Rapid Cables, we ensure the best quality by supplying the leading brands in electrical cables and accessories. Our electrical tapes have been supplied by brands such as 3M, with years of experience and knowledge on the best products for the job. While we select the best products for the job, we have created a brand that prides itself in an honest and friendly service. We aim to inform our customers of our product range as well as supply them the best in the business. From electrical wiring for your caravan to a wide range of marine cables our extensive range has you covered.

The best products for your project

If you require electrical tape for your building, warehouse or at home, enquire with Rapid Cables today. We ship all across Australia and are happy to provide you with large quantities of products for better productivity. Browse our current range, take a look at our options and order your products quickly and efficiently from Rapid Cables. For any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.