Automotive Battery Cables

Durability and reliability. Rapid Cables provides a range of battery cables for use in every kind of vehicle, helping you keep your car, truck or motorcycle fully operational for lose. Available in a range of configurations to suit every machine, they’re the simpler, smarter choice for any amateur or professional mechanic or auto electrician.

We understand what a difference quality components can make in the internal workings of a vehicle, so we offer our collection of superior parts at some of the country’s most affordable prices. You won’t have to reach too far into your business’ budget or into your own hip-pocket to afford the products you need from our range. Enjoy industry-leading workmanship at fantastic prices when you shop with Rapid Cables.  

Offering you more choice

Vehicles – and batteries – come in all shapes and sizes. To meet the diverse needs of our customer-base, we offer our battery cables in a range of lengths, colours and connection types. Our diverse inventory makes it easier for hobbyists to find the precise cable they need, and for garage-owners to service the broadest range of customers possible. Get the precise part you need the easy way when you shop with Rapid Cables.

Up the creek on which particular model you need? Our team is here for you. Built and run by a team of experienced automotive electricians and mechanics, Rapid Cables provides the up-to-date advice you require to make the best, most informed decision. Rely on us to provide the information you need to get your project going in the right direction.  

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Discuss your requirements with the team at Rapid Cables us on +61 7 3881 1566 or contact us via email with any questions at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, feel free to order and take advantage of our fast, affordable worldwide shipping options.