Conn Battery 2 Pole 50A Grey 6AWG - Genuine Anderson - Matching Pair - with terminals

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Genuine Anderson two pole SB connectors set the standard for DC Power distribution and battery connections. Other features include; genderless housing, Low Resistance Connection, Hot Plugging AC or DC, Keyed & Colour Coded Housings, Self securing design. 50 Amp Connector - Low resistance silver or tin plated copper contacts (allows UL rated currents up to 120 amps), UL Rated for Hot plugging up to 50 Amps (great for battery or other applications where the ability to interrupt cicuits is required), Wire, PCB and Busbar Contacts (allows one connection system to meet multiple needs). 175 Amp Connector - Silver plated wire contacts (allows UL rated currents up to 280 amps), UL rated for Hit Plugging up to 100 Amps 120 Amp Connector - Allow UL rated currents up to 240 Amps, Panel mounting grooves that can be eaisly mounted through panels 350 Amp Connector - Allows UL rated currents up to 450 Amps


Brand Anderson

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